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I’m super-excited to announce a blog partnership with a fellow blogger! Jenny Warkentin, from “Jenny Is Baking” is creating a Food Advent Calendar entitled “Spice It Up!” Jenny came up with the brilliant idea of creating a food Advent calendar as a countdown to Christmas. Starting on December 1 and continuing through December 24, Jenny is featuring a different blogger. Each blogger will highlight a spice popular during the holidays. Every day, a new “window” will open featuring a new recipe. By the end of Advent, 24 recipes will be shared. Isn’t this the coolest idea?


So, who are the participating bloggers?


Below are the bloggers and their websites. All of these bloggers will be featuring holiday recipes using a special spice from their country.


December 1: Jenny, initiator and from Jenny Is Baking will feature tonka bean in a sweet bread

December 2: Rachel from Dishing Up Dinner will feature nutmeg in a cookie

December 3: Jyoti from The Hungry Belly will feature saffron in a dessert

December 4: Natalie from Natalie Journeys will feature nutmeg in a drink

December 5: Renea from Inspire A Creation will feature peppermint in a dessert

December 6: Samira from Samira’s Recipe Diary will feature cardamom in a dessert

December 7: Markus from Earth Food and Fire will feature cloves in a side dish

December 8: Candi from Make Ahead Meal Mom will feature nutmeg in a dessert

December 9: Rachael from Coloured Plates will feature star anise in a condiment

December 10: Kori from I Rok the Kitchen will feature ginger in a cookie

December 11: Megan from Life on Paradise Drive will feature pumpkin pie spice in a dessert

December 12: Leslie from Deliciously Plated will feature cardamom in a beverage

December 13; Tanya from Food Forage will feature ginger in a dessert

December 14: Ali from Fix Me a Little Lunch will feature bay leaves in a cocktail

December 15: Daniela from Dani’s Cookings will feature cinnamon in a cake

December 16: Neha from Witty Mushroom will feature cardamom in a dessert

December 17: Lizet from Chipa by the Dozen will feature aniseed in a cookie

December 18: Jillian from Simple Sassy Scrumptious will feature cinnamon and cloves in a cookie

December 19: Jennifer from Jennifer Bakes will feature cayenne pepper in a snack

December 20: Angela from Bake It with Love will feature nutmeg in a dessert

December 21: Kaveri from Pretty Little Things will feature ginger in a dessert

December 22: Nataliya from The Friendly Gourmand will feature clove in a side dish

December 23: Myriam from Milly’s Melting Pot will feature vanilla in a cookie

December 24: Jenny, initiator and from Jenny Is Baking will make a roundup


I hope you’re as excited as I am to see the recipes these bloggers have created! Check back daily HERE as a recipe is revealed behind each new “window.” And now onto the origins of Advent….


Advent wreath

What is advent and how did it start?


For those of you unfamiliar with Advent, let me provide a bit of background. According to historians, Advent was originally celebrated starting in the 4th century. It began as a way to prepare converts for baptism into the church. The first Sunday of Advent is the one closest to November 30, also known as the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, and continuing for the following three Sundays. Latin for the wording “coming,” this period of time is now associated with waiting for the celebration of the birth of Christ on December 25.


Inspired by German Protestants around the mid-19th century, people began making these calendars. Historically, German Protestants made chalk marks on doors or lit candles to countdown until Christmas. Today, little doors are numbered 1-24 on a paper calendar. Generally, behind each door is a bible verse, an image or even a piece of chocolate.


Interestingly, former President Dwight D. Eisenhauer is often credited with popularizing Advent calendars here in the U.S. Why is that? The photograph below was taken of his grandchildren opening an Advent calendar. It was published in numerous newspapers across the country. Click here for more information on the history of Advent calendars.


Eisenhower grandchildren with Advent calendar - Newsweek, December 1953
Eisenhower grandchildren with Advent calendar – Newsweek, December 1953


As I researched this information, I was stuck by the timelessness of the Christmas season. Generations of families have celebrated the birth of Jesus around the world and continue to do so today. Hopefully, this Advent food calendar will add a few new Christmas traditions to your family’s celebration. Peace, joy and love, my friends! Merry Christmas!


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