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Who doesn’t love hamburgers? In recent years, I’ve purchased hamburgers from our local warehouse club. While they’re convenient, they just don’t have the same flavor as making them with ground chuck at home. Recently, my son enjoyed dinner at a friend’s house and they served hamburgers. He generally isn’t a huge burger fan here at home, but apparently he LOVED the burgers at his friend’s house. I asked him more about what he liked so much, and he told me they were made from scratch and delicious.


So, I decided to dust off my mom’s beer burger recipe. This always reminds me of summer as a kid. My dad would grill hamburgers in any kind of weather, even once during a tornado! (Not recommended, but true!) Fortunately, I bought three pounds of ground chuck since it was on sale this week. My mom’s recipe uses Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning and any type of beer you have on hand. I love recipes with three ingredients!


Beer Burger Ingredients
Beer Burger Ingredients


Mix the ground chuck with 1 tablespoon Cavenders and 1/2-cup beer. It works best to use your hands and mix it well. The beer keeps everything moist, tender and delicious. Shape into 1/3-pound patties. Since I made extra, I placed the patties I wasn’t using on a baking sheet lined with waxed paper. After flash-freezing for two hours, I transferred them to a freezer bag for later use.


The night I made these, it was windy and rainy. So, I decided to use my cast iron skillet instead of grilling outside. (Sorry, Dad! I’m not as brave as you!) Heat the skillet over medium-high heat with a bit of olive oil, add the burgers and cover. After 4 minutes, flip the burgers, cover the skillet and let them cook for another 4 minutes or so. After checking for doneness (165 degrees), slip them out of the skillet and onto bakery buns. A frosty beer and a delicious hamburger … all is right with the world.


Beer Burger
Beer burger




  • 3 pounds ground chuck
  • 1 tablespoon Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning
  • 1/2 cup beer


  1. Mix ground chuck with Cavender's and beer until thoroughly combined. If the mixture seems dry, add a bit more beer.
  2. Shape into 1/3-pound patties.
  3. Heat a cast iron skillet over medium high heat with 1 tablespoon olive oil.
  4. Once hot, add burgers, cover and cook for 4 minutes.
  5. Flip burgers and cook for another 4 minutes or until hamburgers are cooked to your liking.
  6. Alternately, burgers can be grilled.

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